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What is FarmBackup?

FarmBackup is a marketplace for farming machinery rental. We want to make it easier for farmers and agricultural contractors to rent out available machines. FarmBackup will enable short-term machine rental reservations and transactions on a local level. Whether you have machinery to list in the marketplace, or are looking to rent, you can get started in a matter of minutes. There are no signup fees, no membership fees, and no listing fees. We only charge a small service fee each time a reservation is booked. You control the price, schedule and services offered.

Our Offer

A simple and secure platform for all your machinery rental needs.

User-friendly and Free

FarmBackup gives you free access to a secure and user-friendly dashboard that enables you to do business with other farming professionels.

Secure transactions

FarmBackup provides a secure and flexible payment solution. Get paid on time and keep track of your earnings, payouts and receipts.


FarmBackup automatically adjusts to your exact location to show you the machinery that's available for rental in your local farming community.

... and it works in the field too

Our web platform is designed to run smoothly on all popular desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

FarmBackup is fully responsive and accessible on any device - mobile to tablet, iPhone to Android. Our mobile-first approach ensures first-class user experience across devices, allowing users to search, book, and list, anywhere, any time.
Search by location, browse available machines nearby and place rental requests with only a few clicks. Confirmations and messages will be sent via email and text message. At the start of your reservation, a trained operator will transport the equipment to your location. Once you have agreed that everything is working and given instructions on the task at hand, the operator will get to work.
After signing up, our customer care team will reach out to help with any questions you may have. It is our responsibility that you learn how FarmBackup can benefit your farming operation.

Your Benefits

FarmBackup is your one-stop destination for custom hire and agricultural contracting.

Trust and Transparency

We provide a secure messaging system, user reviews and user screening.

Maximum Visibility

We advertise your services across the web free of charge.


We help you keep machines “busier” to optimise your cost and operational efficiency.


We provide a payment system that makes transactions as simple and secure as possible.

Control and Flexibility

You set the price, your availability and reservation requirements for your customers.

Build Network

Rent out to other farming professionals in your area and build your reputation.

FarmBackup in 3 steps

Search, Browse and Reserve

Get early access and pleasantly infrequent updates.